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Canada Day—Let’s Celebrate and Defend our Christian Heritage!

Fri, June 30, 2017   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |     

Around Ottawa, there’s been no end of pomp and circumstance. When one views the massive stage and the preparations for the July 1st extravaganza, which is to mark 150 years since Confederation, it’s easy to see that no expense has been spared in making this Canada Day one to be remembered.

One might also say that no stone has been left unturned . . . no foundation stone, that is. While government officials have been hard at work to create a safe, enthusiastic and jubilant atmosphere for July 1st, our PM and his adoring throng have been busy removing—or attempting to remove—the very foundation stones of our civilization and our democracy.

The supremacy of God: this is the cornerstone without which every man-made structure must fall. Our Charter acknowledges the supremacy of God but in practice, our Parliament, provincial legislatures and courts have increasingly ignored His precepts.

The rule of law: from the time of Magna Carta, this other essential feature of a successful democracy has underscored the fair and equal treatment of all citizens. It posits that one law applies to all; not even the king (or queen) is exempt. Unfortunately, our present government has gone about to create special rights and privileges for some and harsh restrictions for others.

When you create special rights for some, you automatically take away the rights of others. Of course, governments cannot—in a real sense—create or take away genuine human rights. These rights are given by God. The right to life exists because God has created humankind in His image and endowed us with dignity and proclaimed our intrinsic value. Likewise, freedom of speech is a natural, inherent right (and sometimes even a responsibility), not a privilege granted by the state. When that right is denied, our civilization suffers.

Three notable examples come to mind; there are many others.

  • Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner have been repeatedly jailed for their courageous efforts to be a voice for the pre-born. Their freedom has been curtailed so that others can go on killing the innocent.
  • U of T Professor Jordan Peterson has been threatened with punishment for exercising his freedom of speech. His crime? Speaking the truth regarding biological realities. He calls a man “he” and a woman “she”.
  • In Ottawa, M-103, the “Anti-Islamophobia” motion which passed the House in March, is now the topic of committee study and seems likely to surface again as an actual bill restricting the freedom to criticize Islam. (Only Islam is named; Christianity would not be specifically protected). The committee—ironically, it’s the “Heritage Committee”—will be hearing only from hand-picked witnesses, a stacked deck. Special rights for some mean lost freedoms for others.

Don’t let the challenges we face as a nation spoil your celebrations on Canada Day! We still have much to be thankful for!

I’ll be celebrating—and praying—at The CRY in Kingston, Ontario with 4MYCanada and many others. Kingston was home to the very first Parliament of Upper Canada and our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. We’ll be celebrating Canada’s Christian heritage, her rich traditions and the freedoms and blessings that Canadians have enjoyed for the past 150 years under God’s providential hand and watchful eye.

Our freedoms should be celebrated and they must also be defended. The rule of law must be defended. The rights of all Canadians to speak and worship freely must be defended. The rights of parents to raise their children according to their own beliefs must be defended. The right to life must be defended.

On Canada Day, let’s honour the God who made us and the One who still has dominion from sea to sea.

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