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C-7 Is an Attack on God

Tue, December 15, 2020   |   Author: Taylor   |   Volume 27    Issue 50 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

The passage of C-7 this past week, expanding the reach of euthanasia in Canada, did not come as a surprise. Even so, it still hurts! It’s a slap in the face to all of us who care about the protection of the vulnerable against the insatiable demands of the pro-death culture that surrounds us. What is sometimes overlooked, even by pro-life advocates, is that the deliberate taking of innocent human life is not only a crime against humanity; it is blatant rebellion against the sovereignty of Almighty God.

On December 7, 2020, Parliament passed, without amendment, Government Bill C-7, which will make it legal to kill a greater number of elderly, disabled, and depressed Canadians than ever before. If it passes the Senate, it will eliminate the requirement that a person’s death be “reasonably foreseeable.” It will allow a doctor or nurse to give a lethal injection to a person who is unable to consent. It will eliminate the ten-day waiting period for a terminally-ill patient and it will allow the ending of life for the mentally ill. In other words, it will increase dramatically the potential for a doctor or nurse to prematurely end the life of a Canadian citizen.

It also provides no protection whatsoever for medical professionals who cannot—for conscience’s sake—participate in the premeditated death of their fellow-citizens.

We human beings are made “in the image and likeness of God.” God knows each one of us as individuals before we are even born and has “good plans for us.” He knows the time of our conception, our birth and the number of our days on this earth. Those who seek to control the time of their own death are seeking to wrest from God the privilege our Creator has reserved to Himself. The passage of C-7 is the harbinger of something much worse: it portends the time when others will make that decision for us.

The content and ever-expanding parameters of Canada’s euthanasia and assisted suicide laws are deeply concerning. Even more troubling is the number of MPs who have thrown their support behind them. 213 of the 316 MPs who voted on Monday voted in favour of the expansion of doctor-assisted death, in spite of the fact that Parliament had not even conducted the promised 5-year review of the program when they first legalized MAiD in 2016. Only 103 MPs voted against the Bill, including one brave Liberal MP, Dr. Marcus Powlowski, who represents the riding of Thunder Bay-Rainy River. He deserves kudos for standing up against his party on this one issue. Every other Liberal, every Green, every Bloc, every NDP member and 16 Conservatives voted for C-7. 102 Conservatives opposed it.

Our society—as has often been noted—has descended into a culture of death, and it begins with a rejection of God and His just claims on our lives. God says that “all those who hate Me love death.” How true that is. The abortion movement grew out of the “free love” movement of the 60’s. Young people discovered that careless sexual encounters inevitably led to an increase in unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. Who knew? God’s clear directive to reserve sex for marriage was ignored and—rather than repent and accept the consequences—many chose instead to try to get rid of the evidence and the inconvenience by aborting the babies conceived in a moment of pleasure. Since legalization, about four million babies have been sacrificed in Canada.

The deliberate killing of the elderly and the infirm, demanded by the courts and rubber-stamped by a compliant Parliament in June of 2016 also ignores the historical understanding of our duty to honour our parents. On a societal level, it can easily be seen as a scheme to reduce the financial cost of caring for those who no longer are able to work for a living. It is framed as “dignity for the dying” but the underlying purpose may be much more self-serving for the bureaucrats and the politicians who are still living: a reduction in health care costs.

In British Columbia, a prime example of the selfish interests of the ruling elite is evidenced by the aggressive and angry attempts to change a small 10-bed palliative care facility in Delta into a place where the lives of the elderly are terminated. Canada has a severe shortage of palliative care beds. Euthanasia is available one minute away at the Delta Hospital. Yet the NDP Government of B.C. is determined to force the Delta Hospice Society to comply and participate in the ending of life. This is nothing more than an attack on human compassion, an attribute that is lacking in so much of our society today. God calls on us to lovingly care for the weak and vulnerable, not to snuff them out. At both ends of life’s spectrum, politicians seem intent on defying God’s commands and destroying lives made in His image.

There are things we can do: a) Write your Senators and ask them to block the passage of C-7 (Contact info here). They can do that if they have the courage. b) Please become a member of the Delta Hospice Society and support the courageous efforts of Angelina Ireland (President) and the Board to defend the beautiful, compassionate, life-honouring purposes of DHS and the wonderful care received by residents at the Irene Thomas Hospice they operate. I had the privilege recently of visiting the grounds of the facility where they serve those in their care. I continue to be impressed with their deep commitment to the sanctity of life and to maintaining the dignity and comfort of those in their care.

Lastly, if you are not already a member of CHP Canada, please join us and help us keep the issues of Life! Family! and Freedom! in the public square.

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