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By Fair Means or Foul, You Lose!

Tue, July 07, 2020   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 27    Issue 27 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

“The True North strong and free” is in trouble. If Canadians stand up for our God-given rights, often called Charter rights, then we are bigots and bullies. If we grovel before the juggernaut that seeks to destroy the fabric of our society, we kiss our rights goodbye one by one.

If we believe in a defined standard of right and wrong, we are dinosaurs. If we believe that anecdotes should change our laws, we will be continually tossed about by the winds of change.

Consider a society that once believed euthanasia to be morally wrong. You know, like Canada did up until a few years ago. We were softened up by tragic stories of people living in constant pain. We were berated for our cruelty in expecting them to live out their God-ordained days . . . whatever that entailed. We had politicians break the law with impunity. We were inundated with manipulative words to adjust our skewed thinking to the agenda set forth by the elite thinkers. We (it was said) forced people to live while they “were wracked with”, “suffered from” or were “afflicted with pain”, while the elite thinkers were deemed to be “sympathetic”, “merciful” and “compassionate”, to name a few of their finer traits.

After years of being accused of heartless indifference through pictures, words, broken laws, court edicts and other manipulations, many Canadians succumbed to the narrative… They gave up the battle for right and allowed others to usurp God’s role of deciding when our lives should end. “Did God really say . . .?”

But not everyone gave up the notion that human life is sacred. Some people chose to stand and continue standing today. Some people believed that what is right does not change. They did things differently.

Back in 1991, one group of such people saw the need for hospice care. They formed a society to bring comfort to those who were ill and to their families. Then they built a facility where they could provide this care. They put together their own resources and fund-raised for the rest. As their organization grew, they also accepted some government assistance and—until recently—were still able to remain true to the beliefs of their organization. Their efforts were very successful and the demand for their service continued to grow. The government saw the benefit and even helped them to expand their facilities.

But, then came the worm in the apple. It’s not enough to do what you do well. The strength of Delta Hospice Society has been their ability to care for those whose lives are ending and to provide comfort for their families; creating a positive and caring environment for the final stages of life.

Then they were ordered to do something completely counter to their mission. Like the infamous “pushmi-pullyu” of Doctor Dolittle, they were expected to go in two directions at the same time. In 2016, three months after the federal government introduced MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying, also known as “assisted suicide”), the Fraser Health Authority ordered all hospice facilities receiving over 50% of their funding from the government to begin offering MAiD. On moral grounds, Delta Hospice refused to kill their patients; however, they did offer a compromise. In 2018, “The [Delta Hospice] Board informed Fraser Health that the Society will continue to transfer patients requesting assisted death to another venue for the procedure”.

That seemed a simple enough solution. Delta Hospice Society would continue to do what they do so well, provide end of life nurture to those nearing the end of their earthly journey, along with their families, and allow other organizations with fewer moral qualms about ending human lives to do so in other locations.

But, the BC government was not happy with that solution. Delta Hospice Society even offered to decrease their reliance on government funds by 50%, which would have brought them into line with BC regulations requiring that health care facilities that receive less than 50% of their funding from the taxpayers don’t need to provide euthanasia.

But that was not satisfactory as a compromise. Instead the NDP government said it would commence closing the hospice and seizing the assets. How is that fair? How is that just? When the facility was built, over $9 million was privately raised from people who donated their hard earned dollars to support quality hospice care but the government now chooses to steal the money that was given, to mix it with the money that was taken from people by way of tax dollars. They then alluded to reopening the Delta Hospice as a government run institution.

It’s not that there is a shortage of places offering to kill those who are sick; there is the Delta Hospital right next door more than willing to do the killing.

We have fallen far from our roots; Canadians used to believe that each life was precious. We do not need to acquiesce to a government-driven agenda that seeks—in the words of Ebenezer Scrooge—“to decrease the surplus population.” We must take a stand! I am not “surplus” and I expect that you are not “surplus” either.

The Delta Hospice Society is courageously standing against the agenda that seeks to reduce expenses by pushing euthanasia instead of true palliative care. Can you stand with them? Will you use the “Action Alert” provided by Campaign Life Coalition to tell your MLA that it is not OK to force Canadians to administer death when they believe that life is precious?

Canadians need to stand against the requirement that the government dictate our beliefs and our actions. We need to do it now, before there is no place left to stand on principle.

CHP Canada will not accept the killing of Canadians by medical personnel. We do not accept the narrative that killing is the merciful approach. We will stand with individuals, families and medical personnel who wish to provide true palliative care to those in their final days.

Join CHP Canada today.

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