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Buckle Up for an Election, Folks!

Tue, August 17, 2021   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 28    Issue 33 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

While Canadians take what time they can to refresh themselves over the summer from a gruelling eighteen months of social and economic disruption . . . while Canadians are still pressured to stay isolated due to fears of a “fourth wave” or “variants” . . . while Canadians are badgered, shamed, threatened, or enticed to be vaccinated with experimental products, Mr. Trudeau, like Machiavelli of old, is plotting his next political manoeuvre to solidify himself as our Supreme Dictator.

Throughout this season of COVID-anxiety and into the future, he has traveled the country, shovelling out truckloads of borrowed money in hopes of buying votes. Throughout his time in office, he has operated with an ever-expanding credit card—that’s you and me, the taxpayers. While we focus on supporting ourselves, paying for braces for the kids and trying to save our businesses, Justin Trudeau has been spending future generations, burying them deep in debt.

A prime example of the poorly conceived actions of our Liberal governments is this: “Government transfers to households increased by $119 billion in 2020 from a year earlier, versus a decline of just $6 billion in regular income.” In other words, the government shelled out twenty times more funds than were lost by Canadian households. For every dollar Canadians lost, Trudeau reimbursed $20. Of course, the losses to Canadian families was not equally distributed; some were devastated, while others—especially elected officials and government bureaucrats—took no financial hit.

But what can that response be called other than fiscal insanity?

“The federal government’s capacity to deliver future services has deteriorated spectacularly,” economist William Robson, chief executive officer of the C.D. Howe Institute in Toronto, said in an interview. “That includes the ability to address any future economic setbacks or finance longer-term challenges like aging infrastructure . . . Tax increases are a near-certainty.”

This Bloomberg article continues, “There have been concerns from insiders in the finance department that his government has used little economic analysis to direct pandemic spending.”

Now we’re getting to the crux of the matter; Mr. Trudeau does not take advice. He knows it all!

The finance department, presumably, knows something about economics, but insiders are saying he (Trudeau) doesn’t use economic analysis. When it’s not convenient to listen to experts, Mr. Trudeau reverts to his infamous quote, “The budget will balance itself.” After six years as our Prime Minister, he still seems to be of the opinion that his chronic deficit spending is acceptable, not the central reason for the downgrade in Canada’s credit rating.

Our obtuse Prime Minister also refused legal advice from lawyer Jody Wilson-Raybould, then the Justice Minister, when she warned against him becoming involved in the SNC Lavalin affair. When she told him that she couldn’t discuss it with him, he removed her from her position . . . a similar gesture to a young child putting his fingers in his ears and proclaiming his inability to hear you.

His father, Pierre Trudeau, showed disrespect for those with whom he disagreed and “flipped the bird” at protestors. His son displays the same kind of contempt for all Canadians who don’t give him blind allegiance. Now, as Canadians face inflation (partly fuelled by his carbon taxes and extravagant spending), he gallivants across country shelling out more money stolen from future generations to pave the path for his reelection.

Rather than following the election schedule, ‘Machiavelli Jr.’ thinks that now is the time that Canadians will give him his majority government. He thinks that now is the time to make a grab for power mid-way through his term . . . even while his own health officials continue to fear-monger about a possible “fourth wave” . . . and posture and threaten to impose vaccine passports. Has the man no consideration for Canadians whose children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are already financing his whims; for Canadians, who are exhausted by home-based school responsibilities on top of regular workdays? Canadians need a leader who has some understanding of their struggles, not one constantly obsessing about more political power.

It’s time for Canadians to stop looking at Liberals and Conservatives as a binary choice . . . if people really want change, they should look at what other political parties have to offer. And I don’t mean the NDP, which is deeply mired in its own socialist vision.

Canada was founded on a Christian heritage. Our Christian heritage was forged over centuries. Our most basic freedoms and rights were hammered out at Runnymede in 1215 when bad King John was forced to sign Magna Carta—the Great Charter. It’s not a perfect system—nothing is. But, our heritage . . . our Christian heritage . . . recognized that all people are equal under the law. There is no other system that has offered the world this type of equality among citizens. Nobody—no king, no ruler, no prime minister—is above the law. The application of the rule of law has deteriorated over the past years; our Prime Minister admitted to illegally smoking marijuana while a Member of Parliament but was never held to account and was found guilty of several other ethics violations since.

Equality under the law is essential for democracy. Think of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Today, they are again imposing repressive restrictions on women and committing revenge killings, but are above recrimination from the law. We can learn from their experience: leaders who want respect should hold themselves to a higher standard.

CHP Canada is not the political mainstream, but it should be. We have been around for almost thirty-five years. Our policies, while updated as needed in today’s world, are grounded deeply within the foundation that this country was built on.

There are immovable barriers between right and wrong. When challenges arise, then wisdom ought to be sought from those with greater understanding. Listen to the economists; listen to the legal experts; listen to God our Creator. Listen to those you have put in place because of their expertise.

It’s time to stop voting Liberal, Conservative, and NDP in hopes that they will change and produce the type of government we all seek . . . a government that applies the laws equally, a government that protects our right to choose for ourselves how to protect our own health, how to raise our families, and how to safeguard our rights.

When the Prime Minister asks the Governor General to dissolve Parliament for his own selfish reasons, we need to hold him accountable. Let’s vote against frivolous leadership and for morally responsible government.

Should he step back from the brink, knowing we will face an election in the future? Canadians need to step forward and demand moral accountable government, with a reckoning on the day he does face electors.

Join CHP Canada today. Let’s take back our future!

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