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Be Fruitful and Multiply (NOT!!!)

Tue, January 16, 2018   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 25    Issue 3   

It is hard to be shocked by our left-wing media, but the CBC published an article on why people should shame families who have more children than average! As I read this article, I had to wonder at the audacity of these "conscientious objectors" who have created a backlash because Chip and Joanna Gaines decided to have their fifth child. I’ve never tuned into the show in which Chip and Joanna star but neither have I tuned into their life until now.

Today, I have to applaud them. Well done Chip and Joanna! You have taken up a bit of the slack these self-absorbed critics have created by their refusal to correctly see the problem. Perhaps they should look at what demographers, with the knowledge to understand the true global demographic problem, are saying rather than the climate alarmists’ theory of the demographic effects on global warming . . . I mean climate change. (They had to relabel it because global temperatures are not cooperating with their models.)

I wonder if the people haters, who have an opinion on how many children another person should have, have considered what the future holds because people like them have the cheek to refuse to propagate; they refuse to have the 2.1 children required to maintain the population in developed countries. These slackers have failed in their civic duty and yet they twist the truth to blame others who have taken seriously the command to “Be fruitful and multiply.”

According to StatsCan, by 2031, we will expect less than three working Canadians to support one pensioner. That’s a hefty challenge for future Canadian workers.

There have been changes made to CPP to try to deal with the problem but in the war against Canada and Canadian families our government will penalize Canadian families for having children. According to the Fraser Institute, with the changes the Trudeau government has made to taxes, middle class families with children will pay an additional $2,260 in taxes each year.

We can always count on Prime Minister Trudeau to create a plan on the backs of babies. We can either kill off the “excess children,” as his government promotes in their policies (the PM refuses even to allow pro-lifers to serve in his party), or we can penalize the source of babies, by over taxing mothers and fathers to influence their family planning. Our PM has expressed admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship.” It appears he’s found a more subtle way to dictate to Canadians.

China’s one-child policy created demographic havoc in China. Millions of young males in China are unable to find a wife since so many girls of their generation were aborted. Yet, disregarding China’s blunders, some people here in the West feel quite entitled to judge the family planning decisions of others or to use their exalted position to make it impossible for others to freely choose.

The CBC article that precipitated my thoughts, said that we will get “a steady supply of smart and talented immigrants. Their loss, our gain.” This self-absorbed article in our nationally funded media is sickening. Take the talent out of the developing world, where procreation is not seen as a societal evil, because it benefits us to do so. Leave the producer and financier of that talent to continued poverty so we can benefit from their investment.

Further, the average immigrant spends only a portion of his or her working life contributing to Canada. So, Canada loses by supporting through thirty years of retirement somebody who has only covered a portion of the CPP cost to support them. But who cares, that’s a problem for future generations. We’ve managed to pool the world’s most talented people in the developed world to ensure the continuation of poverty in the developing world.

CHP Canada sounded the alarm for the demographic winter we face with our aging population back in 2008, “Forget Global Warming – Demographic winter is really coming… and it’s a much bigger global threat!” I encourage you to become informed about this reality.

CHP Canada has a plan to “Restore Population Growth.” It’s time to take seriously the challenges faced by our generation and stop electing to office those who contribute to the problem rather than contributing to the solution.

Canada will go to the polls in 2019, next year. If you would like to see changes that will serve Canada, and by example, the world, stand up today for that which will improve our future. Become a candidate for CHP Canada; support us financially; put in your volunteer efforts. But don’t leave it to someone else.

Today is the day that you can start to make a difference!

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