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Banning Conversion Therapy Is Like Censorship on Steroids

Tue, August 06, 2019   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 26    Issue 31 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

In today’s culture wars, each side has goals. There are societal implications for every circumstance. It matters what is allowed, what is promoted, what is restricted and what is forbidden. When certain behaviours and outcomes are desired, proponents suggest conditions that will favour those outcomes. So it is that those who want to normalize homosexual behaviour, transgenderism and early childhood sexualization now want to make it illegal to help individuals be set free from unwanted same-sex attraction. They want homosexuality and transgenderism to be seen as lifetime assignments, not as behavioural choices.

The move is on, worldwide, to ban what has become known as “conversion therapy”. Actually, a better term would be “de-conversion therapy”, since the focus is on helping people who have already been “converted” from a heterosexual orientation based on their sexual biological birth gender (male or female) to a sexual orientation that includes same-sex attraction and often physical intimacy. The fact that young people and even children are now being introduced at ever earlier ages to the idea that one’s birth gender may not necessarily determine one’s sexual persona has definitely led many of them to experiment with same-sex behaviours. In the acting-out of these behaviours, some have developed behavioural habits that they cannot easily break. For those people, who want out, the banning of “conversion therapy” has closed a door for them and left them trapped in a lifestyle they no longer find desirable.

Ironically, many on the pro-homosexual side of the debate claim to also be proponents of “choice”. When it comes to abortion, they want to offer women and young girls a way out of a situation they were not prepared for . . . even at the cost of a life. When it comes to the homosexual lifestyle, however, they want to ensure that no person who has embarked on a homosexual lifestyle ever turns back. They reject the idea of “unwanted same-sex attraction”. They reject the idea that a person could be set free from it, the idea that a person could choose NOT to be a homosexual.

Nineteen U.S. states have already passed laws banning “conversion therapy” as well as three Canadian provinces: Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. The Liberal government in Canada is considering a national ban. What they really want to ban is “conversion” to Christianity. Their hostile attitude towards organizations offering “conversion therapy” for homosexuals matches their hostile attitude towards Christians who offer to help anyone who wants to be free from sin to find new life through Jesus Christ. “Conversion Therapy”, of course, has a variety of methods and those who want it banned have focused on invasive and controversial techniques like shock therapy. Once the public has been shocked and cautioned, counselling and prayer can painted with the same brush and rejected under the same harsh ban.

The success of the LGBTQ lobbyists leading the charge against conversion therapy depends on their ability to convince the masses that their point of view is normal, reasonable and fair. Yet their methods have been like the blitzkrieg of WW2 Germany. Lightning-like and with crushing force, they seek to overwhelm those around them. They want us to believe that resistance is futile and so they criminalize resistance. They want us to believe that our biblical, historical view of sexuality is fading and so they make the sharing of that view “hate speech” and the offer of help a form of intolerance.

Every dictator has censored the truth because he has understood that Jesus was right when He said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. Dictators—those who control others by fear and intimidation—don’t want anyone set free. They curtail free speech. They curtail freedom of religion. In certain Muslim countries, they make it a crime to convert from Islam to Christianity and punishable by death. In Canada, they want to make it illegal to convert people back from a lifestyle in which they feel trapped to a lifestyle that involves belief in the God who created each of us in His image and for His glory.

If you want to stand with us on the solid ground of defending freedom, join us at We believe in conversion from darkness to light. Canada must not make it illegal to help those who—by their own choice—want to take steps towards freedom.

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