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At the beginning of 2007 A.D.

Mon, January 01, 2007   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

The Lord still has all things under His control; and nothing ever takes Him by surprise! Those are important things to remember, as we step forward into this New Year.

In 1939, just after the Second World War had opened-and Hitler's armies were sweeping across Europe-King George VI quoted a poem in his Christmas message:

"I said to the Man at the gate of year, 'Give me a lamp, that I might see the way.'

"He said to me, 'Put your hand into the hand of God. That will be to you better than a lamp, and more sure than a known way.' "

Those words are still good advice. In 2007, we face a world almost as menacing and bleak as Britain faced in 1940:

  • Mahmoud Amedinejad seeks to arm Iran with nuclear weapons, and to precipitate his deranged vision of Armageddon by annihilating Israel-Hitler's 'final solution' revisited; Syria plays the cat's paw for Iran, putting weapons into the hands of Hizballah terrorists; and Iran is aided by the ambitions of China and Russia;
  • The global economy is menaced by a 'debt bomb', and by the rising economic power of nations that seek regional or global hegemony;
  • Third-world nations whose survival depends on trade in agricultural or other commodities see trade manipulation closing doors to them;
  • Morality and the rule of law have been eviscerated by judicial activism and by the misuse of judicial and political power to advance the 'rights' of special-interest groups;
  • Pragmatism has replaced principles in the democracies, as people have been mis-educated to put their trust in human philosophies, rather than in eternal Truth.

Yet there is a righteous Judge whose all-powerful and perfect will directs history, and in the end even the ambitions of the wicked will serve His purposes.

I wish you and all of your family and friends, a most blessed New Year. My prayer for you and for this nation is that we would put our hand into the hand of God, knowing that He is the lamp and He knows the way ahead.

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