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Are You Worth More Than $2875.00?

Tue, September 18, 2018   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |   Volume 25    Issue 38   

What is your net-worth? Everything that you own — business, house, car, jewelry, electronics, stocks, bonds — has a price, and totalled together, (minus any debts you have) what’s your worth? It would be a dollar-figure, and it would vary greatly from person to person. But, what is your real worth, as a person? Is your life worth more or less than any others?

Maybe, if you are getting older, you look at the lives of children as being especially important, even more important than your own, but that is a statement of your selflessness, not a legal, moral, or financial fact.

But we do—and we should—see the lives of children as being particularly special and in need of great care and protection. This is not particularly controversial, but once we get to the question of the life before birth, the arguments begin.

Of course, CHP Canada consistently points out that children are not just those we can see in cradles and nurseries — the pre-born are also real people from the moment of conception. In some small ways our laws reflect this, even though these laws are morally inconsistent with the legal vacuum around abortion.

A couple of months ago, there was a court case that showed the moral inconsistency of some judges: ‘Justice Del Frate gave lip service to the law in his ruling: “…It is illegal to purchase and sell gametes and embryos, according to the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, S.C. 2004, c. 2.” ‘ So, we can see the acknowledgement that there is a law on this matter; that is good, though perhaps surprising.

But, just because there is a law doesn’t mean you have to submit to it, right? Justice Del Frate didn’t worry about the law; he ruled that a couple who had (illegally) bought four embryos in the USA, and later divorced, should split up the purchase-price of the remaining embryo. The cost of these human lives worked out to $2,875 USD for each.

This Judge had the audacity to put a price on a life, and treat it like any other asset that the couple owned!

Is it any wonder, really, that a recent study that came out in Canada about Canada’s children gave a worrying picture about youth suicide, mental illness, child abuse, and infant mortality?

When we put a price on something priceless, we devalue it. When the lives of some are considered worthless (as are those of aborted children) the lives of all children are ultimately in peril. As an example of this, we need only look to the case of Katrina Effert who, after giving birth to her son, strangled him and threw his body over a fence. The judge linked the case to our abortion laws and gave Katrina a three year suspended sentence.

Perhaps you were told from a young age that you are a child of God, that you were made in His image and are unique and valuable. Or maybe you were told that you were an accident, an unexpected result of random circumstances. These statements are very different and have seriously different consequences in the life-journey of a child.

We grieve the mental health difficulties facing so many youth today and even more that they sometimes lead to suicide, but we must not look at mental and emotional illness as simply a medical problem with a pharmaceutical solution. When society values some lives more than others, and even puts a dollar value on an individual human life, it shouldn’t surprise us that some young people begin to doubt their own value. Young people are searching for identity and we know that some suicides are related to gender confusion and the disappointment following efforts at “transitioning.”

At the root, the devaluing of life is a spiritual problem exacerbated by our country’s refusal to recognize God as the source of life. Judges devalue life when they price out embryos. Doctors, when they perform abortions. Politicians, when they repress or vote against pro-life legislation, and voters, when they opt for the status-quo.

CHP Canada is not the status quo. We affirm the value of each human life. Each is made in the image of God and must be protected, not priced, bought, or sold.

Please take action for the value of life and the care of children by signing these petitions:

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