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A One Man Band

Tue, February 13, 2018   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 25    Issue 7   

Have you ever seen a “One Man Band?” I remember in the movie Mary Poppins, “Bert” (Dick Van Dyke) at the beginning playing his trumpet, French horn, drums, cymbals, etc. while making up ditties to amuse the spectators. This kind of thing would be a useful fundraising gimmick. It’s impressive what one person can do but it can never take the place of a proper orchestra with each musician playing his or her instrument really well and all working together to create a beautiful sound.

Today, Canada’s governing political party portrays our Rt. Hon. Prime Minister as a “One Man Band” attempting to amuse Canadians and distract them from the latest Liberal outrage. Everything seems to centre around the person of our smug and self-confident Prime Minister. Truth has little weight, the rule of law has little bearing, proper procedure has little support; it’s all about what will garner the best public image for our “One Man Band.” The problem is that Canadians are getting tired of the same old song; both our PM and his Prime Minister’s Office have to keep creating new distracting “ditties” to keep themselves in the limelight.

Who can forget our Prime Minister jumping in and condemning the actions of an “unidentified Asian man” who was accused of cutting the Hijab of a Muslim girl? Mr. Trudeau was quick to condemn this so-called hate crime and the entire Asian community became suspects. But, what happened when it turned out to be a Hijab Hoax? Did the Asian community get an apology for having been condemned without trial? Of course not! Many Canadians objected to this careless accusation and our PM’s complicity in it! CHP Leader Rod Taylor left this message for our Prime Minister. But so far there has been no apology.

The PM likes to apologize for what he portrays as the misdeeds of others. Like his apology to Omar Khadr, the terrorist. Like his apology to gays and lesbians for Canada not celebrating their lifestyle sooner. However, apologies for his own mistakes and bad judgments are not good “selfie” material. Our Prime Minister knows that he will not get much media attention by apologizing to those whom he has personally wronged. Like the Asian community, defamed by a false accusation. Like the thousands of Canadians he has excluded from the Canada Summer Jobs program. Those kind of apologies lack the political spin that he needs to (for instance) turn Motion 103 into enforceable legislation and raise one religion—Islam—above all others in Canada. His apologies and grandstanding public statements are simply propaganda tools to either justify his actions or to win voter blocs in 2019.

So the “One Man Band” continues to play and produce his little ditties. Marijuana, a drug that is damaging to the health of Canadians, is an illegal drug that our Prime Minister admitted to using…He broke the law even while a Member of Parliament! His own illegal actions have not been dealt with under the law. Instead, as PM, he simply decides to change the law.

Here’s the problem: when the Magna Carta in 1215 shifted the course of western political history, the “rule of law” came to apply to all citizens, including even the king himself. But our “selfie king,” while constantly referencing his father’s Charter, seems to think he can do as he pleases, ignore the parts he doesn’t like, and basically rule by fiat. That just doesn’t line up with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the Magna Carta.

It looks like the Prime Minister’s Office is perilously close to interfering with proper process as those charged with the job of investigating a report of appropriate behaviour have the PMO looking over their shoulder and undermining their work. Why bother creating a process designed to protect victims along with those falsely charged? The Hill Times reports the PMO bypassed procedure and simply jumped in to see if there was a Kodak moment they can take advantage of in this accusation of inappropriate behaviour.

Canada was founded upon principles … Our Constitution tells us that. It seems that under today’s Liberal government, principles don’t matter. Perhaps truth itself doesn’t matter! As long as you have a majority government you can do just as you please.

How about a little fact-checking? Our Prime Minister recently informed attendees at an event at the University of Chicago that he taught a prelaw course to grade 12 students, according to this Toronto Sun Article. The problem is that our capricious Prime Minister never studied law. Who then brought him in to teach on a subject that he had never studied? Somebody? Anybody? He told the same group that he studied engineering for “a few years.” Well, a little embellishment isn’t really a lie, is it? Our Prime Minster studied engineering for one year.

What about the other people who choose what laws they want to obey? Rather than accepting laws that prohibit murder, what if that other person decides murder works just fine? Because they’re not handsome, well known, and powerful, they won’t get away with it. But, our Prime Minister has already set the precedent. He only obeys the laws that he likes.

What if someone had assaulted an innocent person from the Asian community as a result of the PM’s responding before the investigation was complete, to the Hijab Hoax? Would our Prime Minister apologize for his incitement to violence, through convicting someone before the investigation had really started? What about the interference of the PMO in the inappropriate sexual behaviour investigation? What if it has created a situation where someone was unfairly vilified … either victim or accused?

Why do I bother pointing out the disconnect between lies and truth; the political chicaneries that pit Canadian against Canadian; the glorifying of law breaking in Canada by our PM? Because if we as a country cannot see the problem with expedient politics, with grandstanding and serving as a “One Man Band” then, as a country we face a serious danger of anarchy.

If our PM can lie about who he is and what he’s done then we will lose our trust … citizen to citizen. If we allow him to aggrandize one community over another community … that will destroy the bond between citizens. If we allow the PM to interfere in the judicial process, at whatever level of review … we will lose all trust in the law.

All that our Constitution says about us in the preamble is falling, as useless fodder, to the floor. The principles that are historically ours … our Christian heritage … are now being pilloried as “non-Canadian” values. Our respect for the “Rule of Law” is useless in a country where only lower- and middle-class Canadians obey the law while the elites do as they please.

Our heritage produced and protected equal treatment under the law: this, since the signing of the Magna Carta eight hundred two and one half years ago. Prior to that were the “Dark Ages.” Is that our destination? … returning to the “Dark Ages?”

CHP Canada will stand to preserve our enlightened age of equality and freedom. CHP Canada seeks to protect this heritage. It is time for like-minded Canadians to step up to the plate and say “enough” of this drift toward lawlessness.

The future we pass to our children depends on you!

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