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A Leaders’ Debate Commissioner?

Tue, August 27, 2019   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 26    Issue 34 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

In Canada’s 2019 federal election, the deck is already stacked against the electorate!

In what bizarre universe does the government get to say who can and who cannot debate with the government? Especially in an election year?

Who authorized the Trudeau government to set up (PDF) a federal debate commissioner? And whose bright idea was it to use that bureaucracy to decide which registered federal political parties get to participate in the Leaders’ Debate? Surely any registered federal political party that has a leader is entitled to have that leader participate in a Leaders’ Debate?!?

Isn’t the Leaders’ Debate fundamentally about the exchange of ideas, and about allowing the electorate to have as full an opportunity as possible to hear all the ideas of all the parties that offer to serve them in Parliament? How can the exchange of ideas be complete, how can it serve the voters, if all the ideas on offer are not made available to the public?

What is the conceivable benefit of having a government bureaucracy screen the ideas and participants first? It reminds me of Sheila Gunn Reid’s quip: “Don’t let the government tell you you’ve had too much to think.

The pre-screening of ideas and speakers by a government is worse than censorship (which would be bad enough)—it’s dictatorial!

What is the government afraid of? That we might decide for ourselves for whom to vote? That we might not submit our decision to the CBC’s biased “Vote Compass”? (There’s another dictatorial brainstorm: have the government’s state broadcaster tell us what our REAL political opinions are, rather than what we might think they are; yeah, that’s it! Have the government relieve the people of the burden of thinking, by having the state broadcaster do our thinking for us!)

Or are they afraid that we might not limit our information input to the government’s tame “trusted” media—the ones bribed with $595 million of taxpayers’ money to report favourably on what the government says, and unfavourably on any critics of the government?

An election held under the prevailing rules in Canada this year would never qualify by the standards of any international body—except, perhaps, the Communist Internationale—as “free and fair” elections.

We all need to remember this fact when we go to the polls in October:

The Liberal government and its “deep state” bureaucrats are stacking the deck against the rights and freedoms of the Canadian people.

Being told some of your options in a way that makes it seem like they are all of your options is dishonest, and that is what voters are being given again in 2019.

Canadians have, from time to time, shown the courage to “vote the bums out” when they see they have been lied to by their government, but so often, they have been rewarded with a replacement government that was not much better; this has to stop. Canada needs a government based on principles that do not change and that will govern for the good of the people, not for themselves and their buddies.

Now is the time to get people talking about the political option that our news media and bureaucrats won’t tell you about — the Christian Heritage Party! To do that, please share this article in as many ways as possible.

Please join CHP if you are not a member, and remember that CHP stands for your freedom to have access to relevant information so that you can choose how and with whom to participate in Canada’s political arena.

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