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2020: What a Year It Is!

Tue, August 25, 2020   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 27    Issue 34 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

This past week, we’ve learned that Canada Revenue Agency was hacked. Our Finance Minister has resigned. Our Deputy Prime Minister has been appointed to serve also as Finance Minister, along with a few other changes that did not affect who was part of the inner circle. (I can’t help wondering why no new blood was brought in!)

All this during the WE scandal, which our Ethics Commissioner is investigating, involving our Prime Minister and past Finance Minister. In previous years, we witnessed the SNC-Lavalin scandal, which resulted in our PM being convicted of ethics violations. Before that, there was the Aga Khan scandal, which had also resulted in our PM being convicted of ethics violations. Have I missed anything?

Oh yeah! The Governor General is in trouble for her extravagant spending, ditching the security detail that Canadian taxpayers provide, and mistreatment of her staff. Our Prime Minister’s friend, Gerald Butts, who stepped down as the PM’s principal secretary during the SNC-Lavalin scandal, has pointed to the Liberal infighting as a problem in their government.

This has been an exciting year all around and we’re only two thirds of the way through it. Tighten up your seat belts, folks, judging by this week, we could be in for a wild ride in the final third of the year because, in order to get out from under the weight of all this, our PM has decided to prorogue Parliament until Sept 23rd. Of course, Parliament hasn’t really been sitting since mid-March. So, why not wait until Parliament starts sitting before stopping it from sitting?

From the chair that I’m sitting in, it looks like the Liberals are “heaving to” to try to weather the storms that are battering their government.

The Commons has been largely adjourned since mid-March. A Covid-19 Committee has met . . . a bit . . . over the past five months. For most of September, Parliament will still not sit. And, finally, after the Throne Speech, for the first time in about seven months, we assume, the business of governing the country as a democracy will be reinstated around the beginning of October—or we might find ourselves in an election!

The Liberal government seems to anticipate that the electorate has a short memory. After all, neither of the previous convictions by the Ethics Commissioner mattered sufficiently to Canadian voters for them to keep Trudeau from being elected to a second term. To have both the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister embroiled in ethics violations should carry some weight with Canadians but . . . that remains to be seen.

Bill Morneau, as Finance Minister, will be long gone by October. Chrystia Freeland has remained free of scandal . . . except the scandalous support given to our law-despising Prime Minister. So, perhaps proroguing Parliament—from a worldly point of view—is a wise move. It stops the Ethics Committee from further investigation and thus keeps it out of the news so Canadians can forget all about it.

But, what does all this tell us about the governing of our country? Scandal upon scandal breaks and Canadians collectively issue a defeated sigh, “What’s the point of saying anything, politicians are all the same.”

But that is not true. It is true that we have been getting politicians that should be embarrassed to show their faces but . . . aren’t they the ones whom we have elected? We (Canadian voters as a whole) have chosen not to support politicians who believe in a defined, unchanging standard of right and wrong. We have chosen to encumber generations yet unborn with our debt and scandals—brought on by dishonest politicians operating on the shady side without ethics.

The truth is that Canada needs a steady hand on the helm, and that’s not what the Liberal government can give while they’re battling the storms that they have created. When ethics are negotiable, then the storms created by unethical choices take a lot of energy to withstand. By “heaving to” for a month or so to let the storm subside, our Prime Minister anticipates weathering the storm practically unscathed as he has with his other ethics violations.

By the time you read this, we will have a new Conservative Party leader—but that will change nothing unless his/her foundation is solid, firm, and able to withstand calls for right and wrong to be transposed . . . It might change nothing in a Party with its foundation built on shifting sand.

If Canadians want true leadership; if we want a country governed by principles of honesty, equality and morality then that’s how we must vote.

When the Throne Speech is delivered setting the direction that our current Prime Minister wishes to lead, it will be followed by the opportunity for our elected representatives to vote in favour of the direction or in opposition. But, whatever the outcome of that confidence vote, we know from experience that Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberal government does not have the ethics that Canadians value, including honesty.

CHP Canada has an unchanging standard of right and wrong because our standard was defined for us by the Creator of the universe. He doesn’t change. His mandate for good government does not change. His unchanging principles are the foundation for good governance and the foundation for the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

Our heritage is anchored in the values of honesty, diligence, and equality. It’s time for Canadians to vote for what they value rather than vote for what they can settle for.

Join CHP Canada today! It takes more than believing in good governance to achieve it. It takes supporting good government, acting to bring about good government and voting for it.

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