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Charles Lugosi | Haldimand—Norfolk
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About Charles

Charles Imre Michael-John Lugosi was born in Brantford, Ontario and attended the University of Western Ontario, where he studied French, political science, history, English, and geography. He studied law at Western and was admitted to the BC Bar in 1982. Charles established a law firm in Victoria BC, studied theology at Regent College, then practiced criminal law and medical malpractice in Prince George. He later earned a Master of Law, a Master of Bioethics, and a Doctorate of Juridical Science while working as a constitutional law professor in Florida. Dr. Lugosi established a national law practice in Canada, representing people in civil liberties, human rights, criminal and constitutional law cases to protect the rights to life, liberty, freedom of expression, and religion. He now practices with the law firm of Crease Harman LLP, in Victoria BC.

Dr. Lugosi believes that the CHP is the last remaining unified authentic national socially conservative political party in Canada that defends the family and the lives of all human beings. Recently remarried, he raised five children (including some with autism) on his own for 11 years. 

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