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Scott Miller | Winnipeg Centre
CHP Candidate Winnipeg Centre Manitoba

Scott is a registered candidate for Winnipeg Centre.

About Scott

Rev. Scott Miller is a chaplain at Union Gospel Mission and has worked in Winnipeg Centre for about fifteen years as well as having lived in the area for about the same length of time. He has served the area as a counsellor at Teen Challenge, Director of the Lighthouse Mission, Pastor of a local church as well as in his current position as a UGM Chaplain. He has two Masters degrees and an earned Doctor of Ministry degree.

Scott is concerned for Winnipeg Centre having ministered to the people of the area for many years and would like to address issues of safety and equality by promoting a respect for life at all stages of human development. He recognizes that respect for life needs to begin at the earliest stages of human existence and extend to the end of one’s natural life. By promoting this respect for life he believes people will be influenced to treat each other with more respect and dignity and will consequently move further away from violence and criminality. He is also concerned about the plight of missing and murdered aboriginal women and about the treaties with native people that have been broken and ignored. He desires to influence government to invoke policies to investigate the plight of aboriginal women, that breed a respect for life and an honouring of promises to Aboriginal people that have been made in the past.

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