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Candidates | Skeena-Bulkley Valley

Donald Spratt | Skeena-Bulkley Valley
CHP Candidate Skeena-Bulkley Valley British Columbia
p: 604-315-1421

Donald is a registered candidate for Skeena-Bulkley Valley.

About Donald

Don was born at Davidson, Saskatchewan, and raised on his parents’ grain farm. He graduated from Full Gospel Bible College in 1973 where he met Gloria in 1969. They were married at Penticton in 1971. Since graduation, he has served as a pastor, gospel singer, recording artist, Bible teacher, evangelist, missionary and international humanitarian aid and development. He was ordained in 1981.

Don has also been a Christian human and civil rights activist working for the release of persecuted pastors and dissidents in the former Soviet Union and other communist nations since the late 1970s.

Don became increasingly active in the mid-1980s defending the pre-born and the traditional family, helping found and publish Life Gazette Newspaper. He was nominated and ran for Surrey council in 1985 and 1986 with the Surrey Non-Partisan Association.

Don organized and led Rescue Canada in BC (also known as Operation Rescue) in the late 1980s and early 1990s, for which he was repeatedly jailed. 

Eventually, this led in the mid-1990s to defending our Section 2 Charter rights, such as freedom of speech and religion in the mid-nineties. He fought two battles in the courts over 15 years to see the Access to Abortion Services Act of BC (the ‘bubble zone’ law) struck down as unconstitutional. His application for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada rejected June 18, 2009. Then he was arrested and convicted again for simply passing out copies of the Act in a ‘bubble zone’ to warn people that they could be jailed for being there.

Don and Gloria have also sheltered unwed mothers in crisis at their home. He also organized lobby efforts to Ottawa on behalf of preborn children and has participated in many campaigns in support of moral and socially conservative issues. 

Don has appeared on many local and national radio and television broadcasts. He has co-hosted and guest-hosted a number of talk radio broadcasts, and has been published in various periodicals. 

Don has also owned and operated various construction, sales and installation businesses, and has worked as a paramedic, business development manager, salesman and machinery operator at various times throughout the last 45 years.

Don worked closely with his friend and fellow minister, the Rev. Kenneth Campbell for the last six years of his life conducting conferences and producing radio broadcasts, based out of Tumbler Ridge, BC. After Rev. Campbell passed away, Don took over as president of Renaissance Canada (in education) Canada, which was later closed. 

Don is currently in the process of founding a new organization called Life & Liberty Network (web pages under re-construction) with a vision to provide Dominion of Canada biblical world view seminars and teaching about Counter Cultural Christian Discipleship, while raising awareness about Canada’s foremost political prisoners of conscience, Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner.

Don has been married to Gloria for 44 years. They have three adult children and three adorable grandchildren.

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