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Melody Aldred | Oxford
CHP Candidate Oxford Ontario
p: 519-200-4906

Melody is a registered candidate for Oxford.

You may also donate via cheque:

Anne Reyneveld, Official Agent
496953 10th Line,
RR# 2 Tavistock, Ontario
N0B 2R0

About Melody

Melody is grateful for the opportunity as a CHP candidate to boldly stand for the sanctity of life and Biblical values in the public square and public governance. She also serves to give a conscientious Judeo-Christian, world view choice on the ballot…a vote for true freedom, justice and security.

A woman of unwavering conviction, passion and principles, she has served her community and country in a wide range of areas. Her involvement and successes include:

  1. Founder and teacher of Paint & Praise art lessons
  2. Compassion volunteer and fundraiser
  3. Environmental work
  4. Youth Group leader
  5. Foster parent
  6. Pro-life work to raise awareness in government

Through the experience of an abortion at a young age, Melody has become deeply compelled to work for the rights of our pre-born children, as well as protecting moms, dads and society from the deception and burden of abortion. She believes that left unchecked, this devaluation of human life and the rapid departure from our moral standards will destroy not only individuals but this great nation itself. In this campaign, Melody is determined to bring these paramount issues to the forefront. That by initiating the respectful table of discussion, through compassion, wisdom and Biblical principles, our country will find honouring, fair and just solutions.

Melody longs to impart the same passion and zeal she has for her country… that each Canadian would be inspired to see a restored and renewed Canada, as we seek to honour our Christian heritage. In this campaign Melody will bring into view this heritage which lies at the very heart and soul of our nation’s identity and greatness. She is hopeful that in this, a “regeneration of the nation” would restore Canada to moral, social, political and economic vigour. In CHP, Melody offers Canada a better choice…a governance who is united in the purpose of ensuring freedom, security and justice for all citizens from conception to natural death by instituting just and truthful laws…a governance that champions in honouring Biblical morality in Canada for this nation’s future and ultimate prosperity.

If you believe the Christian worldview is the best standard on which to base public policy, then you must vote Melody Aldred your MP in Ottawa.

Contact the Melody Aldred campaign at:

ph: 519-200-4906 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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