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Harold Jonker | Niagara West
p: 905-961-1508

Harold is a registered candidate for Niagara West.

You may also donate via cheque:

Coreen Wierenga, Official Agent for Harold Jonker
2125 Port Davidson Rd. RR#2
Smithville, Ontario
L0R 2A0

Please make cheques payable to, Coreen Wierenga, Official Agent for Harold Jonker

About Harold

Harold Jonker has a passion for Canada and all who live in this great country! 

He is:

  • a thankful family-man; with Janice his wife of 18 years, they have raised their 11 children.
  • a resident of St Anns, ON for 18 years.
  • on the board of directors of Guido de Bres High School, and has served as deacon in his church.
  • serving on the board of EDA of Niagara West - Glanbrook.
  • a candidate for Niagara Falls electoral district in 2011.
  • involved in his family operated, trucking business for 20 years, currently managing it in Caistor Centre, ON.
  • sincerely concerned about the issues facing Niagara's residents and all Canadians.

He has devoted his time and energy to help bring Canada back to its Christian heritage which makes it one of the most blessed, free, and beautiful countries in the world! He will run exclusively as a candidate for the Christian Heritage Party of Canada; the only party that has the courage to stand up for what is right -- and best for this country. 

Harold believes that church and state must remain separate, but that Christians have a lot to offer in the political field.

Extra Information for the Campaign

Lawn Sign If you are willing and able to have a lawn sign placed on your front lawn, please contact Bill Bylsma at 905-957-3164 or Marcy Schulenberg at 905-563-5577 or We are also looking for homes for our large 4’x8’ signs, if you live on a highly visible location, we would love to put one there!

Hey Youth! This is the time to get involved!!! Remember, your efforts and help will go towards you high school volunteer hours!

Contact the Harold Jonker campaign at:

ph: 905-961-1508 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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