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Geoffrey Capp | Lethbridge
CHP Candidate Lethbridge Alberta
p: 403-849-1247

Geoffrey is a registered candidate for Lethbridge.

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Evert Vande Bruinhorst, Official Agent
P.O. Box 1442
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1J 4K2.

About Geoffrey

Geoffrey Capp was born and grew up in London, Ontario, before living in Whitehorse, Yukon, for 25 years and starting a family. Living in Lethbridge since 2007, Geoffrey is employed as an office manager for an Alberta trucking company, drawing on his top-marks education in Accounting and Payroll Administration to sort and manage information and support the company’s operations.

Geoffrey has served the Christian Heritage Party as a member since 1988 and as candidate in six previous elections. His desire to present himself as candidate in the election is motivated by government policies and programs that hurt the most important unit of Canadian society: the family, and imperil the children who are essential to our nation’s future.

Our Canadian population is hurt by tax policies and programs that assume both husband and wife will be needing a job to achieve home ownership at the most basic level; we are further harmed by the presence of a national day care program that feeds the expectation to use it. As children are transferred from parental authority and care to group care under child care workers, we start to see an increase in social problems and medical costs that make more demands on programs and tax dollars that is never ending.

Many other government policies have the effect of putting our families in peril such as: running deficits and borrowing commercial money; allowing slave- and child-labour goods into Canada that put our industries out of business and fathers out of work; and allowing dangerous offenders to return to the street rather than be rehabilitated first. It is therefore very important for our government to look at every policy, program and practice to make sure it is not contributing to the very difficult circumstances many Canadian families are finding themselves in.

Geoffrey and his wife, a dedicated stay-at-home mother, are raising three active children on a single income that, while not always completely providing for all their needs or wants, does give them a great deal of contentment. They know one of them is always present to teach their children the values of love, politeness and respect for others.

Geoffrey values human life from conception to natural death, and understands the government must lead with compassion for those having difficulties in spite of their best efforts, but must at the same time sustain fiscally conservative practices to avoid adding to the debt that currently burdens present and future generations. Geoffrey understands that CHP policy is ideal to match conservative beliefs with heartfelt compassion for those in need.

Geoffrey is ready to serve the citizens of the Lethbridge district as their member in the House of Commons, ready to stand for

  • Supporting our Armed Forces personnel as they return from combat, and need the financial and medical support to return to civilian life or live with chronic medical distresses
  • Balanced budgets and dealing with the deficit by paying it down systematically, and financial solvency in the government
  • For reasonable salaries and expense accounts for MPs and government employees: able to sustain them while serving their constituents, while not being out of touch with what regular Canadians are making
  • Concern for what families really want in order to thrive,
  • Justice for victims of crime, and rehabilitation of offenders
  • Funding of infrastructure without new commercial indebtedness
  • and a Demonstration by government of conscience and compassion.

On October 19, vote for Geoffrey Capp. and see what this candidate for the compassionate, conservative Christian Heritage Party can bring to the table. Vote CHP Canada.

Contact the Geoffrey Capp campaign at:

ph: 403-849-1247 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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