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Larry Heather | Calgary Heritage
CHP Candidate

About Larry

Larry Heather (B.A. , B.R.E.) is a long-time advocate of Fiscal and Social Conservative Policies. He has resided in Calgary Heritage since 1963. He is now in his seventh run with the Christian Heritage Party. He is best known for his conservative advocacy at Calgary City Hall in the last eight years.

Larry specializes in radio show production and audio editing. He spent over four decades in the Logistics Industry. He is a director of the Bible Bill Historical Foundation ( and an actor/volunteer with the Canadian Badlands Passion Play in Drumheller.

Larry was an eleven year host of Gospel Road on AM1140 Radio. He loves to do research on topics that have gone unchallenged by the lockstep media. He looks for solutions that champion a moral and free enterprise society. Larry has always spoken out in protection of the unborn child and the vulnerable.

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