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Larry Hurd, Official Agent for Esther Sutherland Campaign
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About Esther

Esther Sutherland is a Canadian citizen and is proud to call Calgary home. She is a graduate of both nursing and office administration and has worked in both fields.

As a nurse, Esther has worked at Care West, Victoria Order of Nurses, Forest Lawn N.H., and Foothill Hospital. She has served on SAIT Polytechnic Alumni and Development and worked at Talisman Energy-Geotech Exploration as a technician in Records Management.

Esther is a committed and hard-working volunteer and candidate. With your support, Esther and the CHP team will take action to restore prosperity to our communities.

“I enjoy helping people and contributing to social causes for everybody’s wellbeing. I will make decisions according to community needs.” — Esther Sutherland

Contact the Esther Sutherland campaign at:

ph: 403-608-2148

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