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Jesse Rau | Calgary Signal Hill
CHP Candidate Calgary Signal Hill Alberta
p: (403) 607-4434

Jesse is a registered candidate for Calgary Signal Hill. You may support his campaign online by visiting his website or by donating via cheque to his official agent:

You may also donate via cheque:

c/o Artur Pawlowski, Official Agent for Jesse Rau

1740 - 25a Street SW
Calgary, AB T3C 1J9

About Jesse

My name is Jesse David Rau. I have been a Christian for 13yrs, with seven of those years actively going out into the world with the Gospel.

I was born in Calgary and raised on an Alberta family farm. I graduated from a small-town school in Beiseker. My Dad taught Math, English and French while also training horses, raising cows and bailing hay. My Mother worked for the City of Calgary in multiple positions but later stayed at home to look after my sister and I. When we were older, she worked for a newspaper in Irricana.

I grew up my whole life taking swimming lessons, judo, riding horses, dirt bikes and shooting guns. I moved to Calgary for work while under the care of my Oma and Opa (Grandma and Grandpa) when I was 18.

For work, I have been an Army reservist, lifeguard, social worker and truck driver. My wife and I have been married for nearly 6 years. We have two amazing boys and I am 30 years of age.

In 2014 after passing the aptitude and interview process with the Calgary Fire Department, I was deferred because of my involvement with a church ministry and our protests in peaceful assembly.

I then joined Calgary Transit as a bus driver but was fired over publicly standing against a sexual ideology, which some in power had pushed onto the drivers and the public. The Christian Heritage Party then nominated me to run as a candidate in the 2015 federal election for the riding of Calgary Signal Hill, trusting that I would stand up for my convictions even if it may cost me dearly.

After experiencing persecution as a Christian, a passion has now grown inside of me to defend the guaranteed fundamental freedoms of all Canadians, especially those who have been feared into silence by bullies in power.

Contact the Jesse Rau campaign at:

ph: (403) 607-4434 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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