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Frans VandeStroet | Bow River
CHP Candidate Bow River Alberta
p: 403-849-1247

Frans is a registered candidate for Bow River.

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Evert Vande Bruinhorst, Official Agent
P.O. Box 1442
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1J 4K2.

About Frans

Barneveld, the Netherlands, is the place where I was born in 1969 and where I grew up. I studied at the CAH University of Applied Sciences in Dronten, the Netherlands, and obtained my Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) degree. In 1997 I immigrated to Canada, attracted by the wide open spaces of Southern Alberta. I worked in the feedlot industry around Picture Butte until 2003 and then started a new career as a farm realtor with Info Market Group GMAC (now Real Estate Centre) in Coaldale.

I am happily married to Corine and together we raise our 6 lovely children on an acreage by Diamond City, 15 minutes north of the city of Lethbridge. From 2007 until 2014 we owned and lived on a grain farm at the north end of Lethbridge County, on the edge of the Bow River electoral district. Having lived right next to the Bow River electoral district and because of my farm real estate business I am quite familiar with Bow River and know many people there. Places like Enchant (close to our former farm) still feel like ‘home’ to me and my family.

I have been a board member of the Lethbridge Electoral District Association of the Christian Heritage Party (CHP Canada) since 2004. Currently I also serve as the secretary of the provincial council of the CHP here in Alberta.

Since the federal election in 2006 the CHP has developed a plan to place candidates in as many electoral districts as possible. As a small party it is hard to attract enough qualified candidates in all parts of the country, so our solution is to ‘parachute’ candidates in districts without a local candidate, putting the Christian Heritage Party on the ballot and giving voters the option to vote for the only real pro-life, pro-family party in Canada. For that reason I made myself available to be the CHP candidate in the Medicine Hat electoral district in the 2008 and 2011 elections. In this 2015 federal election our party aims (with a few specific exceptions) not to run against pro-life candidates in other parties, which amongst others applies to Mr. Jim Hillyer, the pro-life Conservative Party candidate in the new Medicine Hat riding. For that reason I don’t run in Medicine Hat this time. A part of ‘my’ former Medicine Hat riding has ended up in the new electoral district of Bow River, so this is the logical place for me to run in 2015.
Since I am also the central campaign manager for all other election campaigns of the CHP in Southern Alberta, I won’t have time to run an active campaign in the Bow River riding. However, we will achieve at least one important goal in Bow River, which is to put the Christian Heritage Party on the ballot and give social conservatives in this riding the possibility to vote their conscience and send a clear message to Ottawa that they want more respect for the solid, time-tested Judaeo-Christian values that made Canada a great country. Values that are not based on the quick-sand of the daily opinion polls... !

Working and voting for a small party like the CHP is a challenge. Our Canadian first-past-the-post voting system favours big parties and bland politicians congregating in the political centre, with the opinion polls as their only real guide line. The result is that many Canadians are so disgusted by what they see in Ottawa that they don’t even bother voting anymore. In this undemocratic system of non-proportional representation small parties like the CHP face significant challenges in electing their first MP, but we persevere because our cause is so important. Whether or not I am elected in 2015, your vote for the Christian Heritage Party will send a clear message to Ottawa how you would like to see this country governed and it will also tell the big parties that they cannot take our social conservative votes for granted.

For Canadians who call themselves Christians staying at home on Election Day is not a responsible option. Christians have a calling to be the salt of the earth and a light in the world, acknowledging God’s supremacy also in Canadian politics. That calling requires a clear position. Compromises are a normal part of life, but on key issues like the sanctity of life and the importance of the traditional family we cannot give in or stay silent to buy votes, like the big parties do. On Election Day the Christian Heritage Party is the ONLY party that gives social conservative Canadians the option to vote their conscience and express their appreciation for the core values that made Canada a great country. Please use that option and send a CLEAR message to Ottawa. On October 19 VOTE CHP!

Thank you for your support, before, on, and after Election Day!

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