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Gary Nail | Barrie-Innisfil
CHP Candidate Barrie-Innisfil
p: 905-868-2231

Gary Nail is a registered candidate for Barrie-Innisfil.

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Gary Nail Campaign
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6 Morton Avenue,
Sharon, Ontario
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Please make cheques payable to: Vicki Gunn, Official Agent for Gary Nail.

About Gary

I am Gary Nail and I’m representing the Christian Heritage Party for the Barrie-Innisfil electoral district. 

I was born in Toronto at a time when abortion was illegal; there was no same-sex marriage; and seniors and the disabled were protected from euthanasia. 

I would like to end the moral decline of killing and return Canada to the Christian heritage that we were governed under in the past. 

I have been happily married to Brenda for over 30 years and gainfully employed as an autoworker for over 25 years. I love life!!!

I am pro-life. I vote pro-life. Is there any issue that is more important than life and death? I think not! This is why I vote pro-life first. I think that Canada has lost her moral compass.

•    Our tax dollars fund the legal killing, through abortion, of over 100,000 defenceless babies each year.
•    We endorse and promote an unhealthy lifestyle with a high risk for STDs, HIV, AIDS, anal cancer and psychiatric disorders.
•    We will soon be killing our disabled and seniors through euthanasia, assisted suicide and mercy killing. 

This country has bought into the culture of death. The solution is found in the gospel of life. I wholeheartedly support laws to abolish abortion, restrict marriage to one man/one woman, and provide palliative care for seniors and the disabled. (Caring not Killing)

If you love life and agree that it is a priority in this election, I invite you to join with me by voting for the Christian Heritage Party and me on October 19th.

Let life win! 

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