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Ernest Chauvet | Sturgeon River-Parkland
CHP Candidate Sturgeon River-Parkland Alberta

Ernest is a registered candidate for the Sturgeon River-Parkland by-election on October 23, 2017.

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Ernest Chauvet Campaign
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10020 104 Street,
Morinville, Alberta
T8R 1A5

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About Ernest

Taking responsibility for the needs of others is a familiar task to Ernest Chauvet. For fifteen years children called him ‘Teacher.’ A Father of six, Grandfather of twelve, he could claim title to having been an educator, an author, a mentor, an entrepreneur, a volunteer, an activist, and a founder of children’s charities. He served for fifteen years as director of Canada’s only Catholic Bible School, and two terms as President of the Association Canadienne Française de l'Alberta (ACFA).  

Yes, his CV will tell you of his degrees in the Arts and Education, of his work experience, and of his receiving the 2005 Kevin Carr Christian Leadership Award from Edmonton’s Newman Theological College.

But when asked, he’ll tell you his biggest asset is his love for the Lord and his genuine appreciation for Canada’s Christian Traditions. As Christians we have more in common that unites us, than we do differences.

The Secularism that has taken hold in Canada is actively eroding away the influence of those Christian traditions upon everyday Canadian life despite Charter guarantees of Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Conscience, and Freedom of Speech.

It’s time to vote your conscience as a Christian.

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