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Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner | Rod Taylor


Rod Taylor | Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner
Leader CHP
p: 403-529-7007

Rod is a registered candidate for Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner by-electon on October 24, 2016.

You may donate via cheque:

Rod Taylor Campaign
c/o Glen Dueck, Official Agent
PO Box 24004 Crestwood,
Medicine Hat, Alberta
T1A 8M8

Please make cheques payable to, Glen Dueck, Official Agent for Rod Taylor.

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About Rod

Rod Taylor is the National Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada (CHP Canada). Rod is happily married to Elaine, his wife of 42 years; they have two adult children and four grandchildren.

Raised in a politically-active family, Rod has long understood the importance of men and women standing up for what they believe, standing up for the innocent and the helpless and using their freedom of speech to influence society for good.

Having worked with his hands all his life, Rod understands the challenges faced by average working-class people and the responsibility we all share to build a society based on justice, freedom and personal initiative.

Rod feels that—unless we are willing to speak up and make our voices heard—government may grow beyond its usefulness. The high cost of a bloated and unaccountable bureaucracy has already led to a soaring national debt and an unsustainable tax burden on the working class. Rod plans to change all that.

Rod and the CHP intend to rein in wasteful government spending, remove unnecessary red tape and other obstacles to success and to defend innocent human life at all stages. The CHP would work to restore traditional marriage as the social norm and would protect schoolchildren from abusive and inappropriate indoctrination disguised as education. Rod is committed to the protection of religious freedom and freedom of speech.

Rod has chosen to offer himself as a candidate in the riding of Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner (Alberta). He is confident that the sound family policies of the Christian Heritage Party will resonate with the voters of Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner and looks forward to working with constituents to tackle the many challenges Canadian families face today.

He welcomes your questions, your suggestions and your help as he steps forward to explain CHP policies—our Better Solutions—to the voters of Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner and to Canadians across this country who are ready for real change.

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You can help the Rod Taylor campaign by:

  • Praying
  • Volunteering to make phone calls on behalf of the Rod Taylor Campaign. Send us an email and we will send you a list of phone numbers and a script you can use to help inform the voters of Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner about the CHP and the opportunity to vote for Rod on October 24. Can you make 50 calls? 100? 200?
  • Consider coming to Medicine Hat to work in the campaign! If you can volunteer for a few days, a week or more, Rod will appreciate your help in knocking on doors and talking to voters, placing lawn signs and helping the CHP to make history! Contact us today and let us know how you can help.
  • Giving: Canadian citizens may contribute any amount up to $1525 to the campaign of a federal candidate.*

*$1525 is the annual contribution limit to all candidates and / or electoral district associations. Individuals may contribute a further $1525 to the national party, CHP Canada.

Contact the Rod Taylor campaign at:

ph: 403-529-7007 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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