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Police vs. Government

Governments don’t always respect their mandate. They don’t always follow the rules. Police, in some instances, also break the law. Who keeps these powerful groups accountable to the laws and to the Charter? Theoretically, the courts. But how?

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Seventy Years A Servant

​On February 6, 1952, Canada was the first Commonwealth country to announce the death of King George VI. Newspapers around the world reported ancient words, “The king is dead! Long live the queen!” The continuity of the royal family and thus Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth, was assured in that announcement, reassuring the citizens of those countries.

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O’Toole’s Carbon Tax Betrayal

As we all know, death and taxes are sure. Many Canadians cynically assume that the breaking of promises by politicians after an election is just as sure. It ought not so to be. But Erin O’Toole, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, has astounded small-c conservatives by breaking his promise before a general election!

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A Budget Without Restraints

​On Monday, April 19, the federal Liberals unveiled a budget that showed no attempt to achieve balance or relief for taxpayers. What else could one expect?

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