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Censorship and Partisanship—a Terrible Partnership!

When bad government officials do bad things, they usually look for ways to hide their wicked deeds from the public . . . especially in jurisdictions where they may have to face the public at the ballot box, where they may be held accountable and may pay for their actions by being removed from office.

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This Election - Hold Politicians Accountable!

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the thought processes of a “trust fund” person and your average Canadian? As the person in our home who balances the budget, I can safely say that there is a huge difference.

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Pride and Shame on Dominion Day

Canadians marked July 1st in a variety of ways.

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Rebukes By—And For—Parliament

When Canada’s Parliament employs a procedure that it rarely uses, and in a way that it has not done in over 100 years, it raises questions.

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