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Two 1950s Shams Are Coming to Fruition in the 2020s

Tue, July 27, 2021 | Author: Ron Gray

Dr. Patrick Moore—an actual climate scientist and significant contributor to Greenpeace during the ‘80s—left that organization when it began to abuse the concept of science in favour of leftist politics. One of his followers, who did not leave Greenpeace with Dr. Moore, was Steven Guilbeault, who is now Justin Trudeau’s Heritage Minister—and is responsible for legislation to curtail Canadians’ freedom of speech. Minister Guilbeault once spent a little time in jail for climbing up the CN Tower to exercise his own freedom of speech on behalf of Greenpeace. But he doesn’t want to grant the rest of us the same liberty.

It’s like George Orwell said in his book, Animal Farm: “All animals are equal; but some are more equal than others.”

If you’re old enough to remember the end of WW II, you may also remember two movements that attempted to alter the world’s future in the 1950s: Moral ReArmament and Technocracy.

Moral ReArmament was essentially Christianity without the Cross: an attempt to persuade people to be good without God. MRA wanted the world to adopt the moral values of biblical faith, without the Bible; to be saved without having to submit to the Saviour. That’s like believing you can rest in the shade of a tree that has been cut down and continue to enjoy its fruit. Canada’s moral framework was established on biblical principles. Without that foundation, morality will fail.

It is doomed to fail, because people cannot be transformed without a transformative power—we inevitably slip back into the natural man . . . and that allows our fallen nature to take over again. Even secular historians—if they are honest—note that history repeats itself, that democracies tend to degenerate over time into tyrannies and that, in free and prosperous societies, citizens tend to become complacent, even apathetic. When good men do nothing, as the adage goes, evil triumphs. The poor decisions being made by so many school boards, city councils, provincial legislatures and our federal Parliament are a direct result of “good people” abandoning their responsibility to run for office . . . or in many cases, even to vote for and support those who do.

The second movement from the 1950s may seem a little more obscure; but in fact, it is being revived with a vengeance in the 2020s: it is Technocracy.

Technocracy was a movement so rabidly enamoured with the successes of science—the splitting of the atom, etc.—that its practitioners believed that, for the survival of the human species, we must surrender all our individual liberties, and come under the control of the technocrats—the scientists.

We hear echoes of Technocracy in the mantra of the environmentalists and the fear-mongers of the pandemic: “Follow the science!”

But there is precious little science (if any) among those who are trying to generate a climate of fear among us: that either that the world will end in 12 years (only 10 left, if you’re counting) because of climate change; or that we’re all going to die because of Covid-19. Or that we must reduce the global population to half a billion to have any chance of saving our planet and the human race.

Dr. Moore tells anyone who is willing to listen (which excludes the bought-and-paid-for pro-Trudeau “lamestream” media), that geologically speaking, Earth’s atmosphere today is actually deficient in CO2: that we’ll need more carbon dioxide in the years ahead, not less, in order to enable the biosphere to generate enough food for the growing population: CO2 is plant food; it is not “pollution.”

Technocracy was another outgrowth of Marxism, and Marxism pursues the goal that everyone be restricted in order to enforce “equality.” It’s still waiting at the doors to abolish the liberty and prosperity that mark Western civilization, and to enforce the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset,” which our Prime Minister—whose role in the federal government appears to be mainly as a stalking horse for the policies of his Marxist buddy Gerry Butts—heartily endorses.

The ’50s never died: they just waited in the wings for someone gullible enough to charm us into their thrall. Perhaps that’s why Paul wrote to Timothy to beware of “science, falsely so-called” (1 Timothy 6:20).

The people who chant the mantra “Follow the science,” by and large, aren’t really aware of what the Scientific Method is: that science requires hypotheses to be testable and falsifiable (which neither Marxism nor ‘climate catastrophism’ can claim to be—Marxism has failed drastically every time it has been tried, with widespread consequent human misery and death; and climate alarmism still rests on untested computer models whose inputs—as in the case of the East Anglia scandal—have been bad guesses at best, and lies at worst).

Above all, science has never rested on “consensus,” but on the willingness of real scientists to abandon the consensus, when that’s where the facts lead.

The time is growing short; but it’s still possible for our citizenry to wake up. Our part is to blow the trumpet, to sound the warning and to call good men and women to the defence of the biblical foundations which alone can safeguard our civilization.

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