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The “Bawdy Politic:” Who’s Buying the Lie?

Tue, March 11, 2014 | Author: Rod Taylor

Most Canadians are scrimping and saving, but a few less scrupulous ones are “pimping and craving.” While the average hard-working man or woman is legitimately employed in a productive business that serves the nation, a small segment of society is engaged in a lifestyle that degrades women and children, destroys marriages, supports criminal activity, and spreads disease. Prostitution has long been understood as an evil to be controlled, but—as previously reported in this space (Sex Trade, Jan 8, 2014 Communiqué)—the Supreme Court of Canada has thrown out all laws regarding  pimping, operating “bawdy houses” and communicating for the purpose of prostitution. They have given the Government a year to write new laws and the Government is asking for your advice in addressing that vacuum. That window of access will close in one week (on March 17).

Time is running out on this opportunity. Your MP and the Prime Minister need to hear from you on this issue. In 1988, the Supreme Court struck down the last vestiges of abortion law in Canada and no government since has had the courage and principle to pass new legislation. If we fail to act now, the same thing could happen with prostitution in Canada. It already is a scourge, destroying young lives and increasing the tragedy of domestic and international human trafficking. If Parliament allows the Supreme Court ruling to become the status quo, our nation will reap the whirlwind in social ills, violence, and crime.

In recent years, Canadians and others around the globe have become easy targets for mindless manipulation. The media and leftist social engineers latch onto a simple phrase which they repeat ad nauseum until students from daycare to university take up the chant. On the topic of abortion, the phrase is “choice;” on sexual orientation it’s “tolerance” and a war against “bullying.” When it comes to the euthanasia debate and assisted suicide, they pretend that receiving a lethal injection gives you “death with dignity.” Nightly broadcasts—in Canada emanating from our stately, revered, and taxpayer-funded public broadcaster, CBC—and in tired text reprinted thousands of times in ink and cyber-twoddle, define a problem for which society must accept the “obvious” solution. The solution: fall in line, abandon your traditions and morally-based views, and show your enthusiasm for the new reality. Their reality.

The new reality that social engineers, out-of-touch Supreme Court Justices, and bawdy house operators want you to embrace regarding prostitution is that “making it legal will keep these girls safe.” Don’t you believe it! Nazi and communist propagandists have long realized that a big fat lie, repeated often enough, will be believed. Canadians are not being taught to think; they are only being told what to think.

Canadians have until March 17 to submit an easy online questionnaire to share your views on prostitution. It has only six easy questions and will only take a few minutes to fill out. Please do it today!

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