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Pushing Marijuana

Tue, August 06, 2013 | Author: Jim Hnatiuk

Well, it appears that Canada will have the opportunity to elect whether it wants to go to ‘pot in a hand basket’ prior to (as my mother had put it) going to hell in one.

Canada’s new Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, is stealing an NDP platform plank by saying he will legalize marijuana. We all know this is simply to impress the younger voters and raise his profile by creating controversy with no regard for the consequences of what he is suggesting. Again, it’s all about ME and it’s all about POWER even at the cost of peoples’ lives. But it’s only marijuana, right?

This goes to show that Justin’s advisors must be starving for ideas to dethrone the Conservatives. So a solution of course, as the Conservatives now control anything ‘liberal’, is for Justin to come out with NDP platforms.

Justin could do much better. First and foremost, his advisors could have him revisit some past Liberal programmes that were highly beneficial to Canada, such as Mackenzie King’s ‘Infrastructure Plan’ which touched off the longest-lasting economic boom in Canadian history. Or, he might consider one the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau implemented in 1972, viz, ‘ParticipAction’, which was launched to combat high health care costs.

No, instead young Trudeau, with reckless abandon, throws his father’s, and really our nation’s, health care concerns out the window as a sacrifice to achieve political favour via popularity. He actually stated that legalizing marijuana is one of the ways to keep it out of the hands of our kids… That folks is a lie that makes no more sense than having doctors kill people and calling it ‘dying with dignity’.

Interestingly enough, young Trudeau has said that policies (like a policy on marijuana) should be ‘evidence-based on science’. Really? So does that mean he’s going to lead the Liberal party to start protecting the pre-born, because medical science has proven they undergo pain during an abortion? Hey! That’s the Christian’s Heritage Party’s platform. Help yourself, Justin!

In the past, the Liberals have also come out with some very ‘harmful plans’, such as the cleverly named “Harm Reduction Plan,” which provides a legal, supervised injection site in Vancouver for heroin, cocaine, and morphine. The $500,000-a-year plan may have provided some protection to the non-users in the downtown core, but it did nothing for the addicts, did it? I visited Hasting Street and I saw why it is appropriately nicknamed “The Highway to Hell”. It’s incredible!

If young Trudeau wants to truly show leadership, he should showcase a real harm reduction plan, such as what you will find in facilities such as Teen Challenge and/or Talbot House, Nova Scotia. Teen Challenge’s success rate for dealing with even the most severe cases of addictions is unprecedented, and would put to shame anything the government offers. Addicts don’t need more drugs. They need comfort and genuine companionship from people who have been there; along with discipline, faith, hope and love.

Trudeau’s announcement has nothing to do with helping Canadians unless euthanasia, abortion, free injection sites and giving brats what they want are what you consider solutions

CHP Canada does have a position on marijuana. We recognize that medical science says it’s useful as a prescription drug for medical purposes. Additionally, prescription drugs we know are kept out of the hands of children because they can’t buy them over the counter. That’s not rocket science is it? CHP Canada will implement real solutions, and even give credit for those that are former Liberal ideas.

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