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More Canadian Giants Endorse CHP Canada

Mon, September 26, 2011 | Author: Jim Hnatiuk

Endorsements are a common practice today. But we don’t always question how much Chicago Bears’ William “The Refrigerator” Perry knows about fish products or perhaps whether boxer George Foreman knows anything about grilling meats. But endorsements are valuable when they are within the expertise of the person offering the endorsement. You may recall that the President and Founder of ‘Prayer Canada,’ Arne Bryan, after over 30 years of praying for those in authority in Canada, saw the importance of offering an endorsement to only CHP Canada. “Prayer Canada can no longer encourage its people to vote for any existing party in power…NDP, Liberal, or Conservative…only CHP Canada.” More recently, I heard from two other Canadian giants. The Honourable Larry Spencer, member of the 37th Parliament, and Denise Mountenay, who has addressed the United Nations on life issues. Both of these have the credibility to offer an informed endorsement. “They [CHP Canada] are the only truly conservative party in Canada.” - Larry Spencer, September 9, 2011 Larry Spencer is a Baptist pastor in Canada. He was first elected as candidate of Canadian Alliance in the 2000 federal election and was appointed family issues critic for the CA caucus, but was later suspended from the Harper caucus for speaking his Christian convictions in public. The Hon. Larry Spencer speaks out about the unfairness of his dismissal and he reveals what goes on behind closed doors in politics in his book Truth or Politics. Today, Mr. Spencer speaks about the Christian Heritage Party saying: Some time ago I made a decision to never support a political party which demonstrated a total disregard for the sanctity of life by turning a blind eye to the killing of the unborn. Since the CHP is the only national party pledged to make every effort to curtail abortion, they are of course my only available choice. However, their stand for the traditional family and Judeo-Christian values are only a complement to their many common sense policies, tax policies and their support of the rule of law. They are the only truly conservative party in Canada. (Sep. 9, 2011.) Another giant is Morinville, Alberta resident Denise Mountenay. “God bless CHP Canada, may they prosper in this nation for such a time as this.” - Denise Mountenay Denise Mountenay is a captivating Canadian international speaker with an urgent, timely message. She is reaching out to thousands of people across Canada and around the world. For over 20 years Denise has been candidly sharing her experience on rape, teen pregnancy, and abortion in schools, churches, conferences, prisons, and on radio and television. She has been a regular guest on “Nite Lite,” ”On the Line,” “It’s a New Day,” “Insight,” “The Bridge,” and “The Miracle Channel.” The CBC-The National aired a documentary on her work and ministry. She is the Founder/President of Canada Silent No More (CSNM), a registered non-profit society offering hope and healing to people affected by abortion and pregnancy loss. She is author of FORGIVEN...A True Story, a national best seller. Denise has given inspirational talks in Israel, Philippines, Jamaica, Moscow Russia, Ghana Africa, Holland, Belgium European Union, Northern Ireland, Berlin Germany, Spain, USA, and Australia. She is the Canadian Director for the NGO-Endeavour Forum Inc. & Women for Life Intl. Today Denise says: “CHP Canada is the only totally Pro Life Party in Canada with no regrets, no compromises, and no apologies for standing up for the lives of children in the womb. God bless the CHP, may they prosper in this nation for such a time as this.” Prime Minister Stephen Harper in recently stating “I am not interested in having a debate over abortion” has spoken a death sentence over the lives of 350,000 preborn children that will die in the next four years. (Time until the next federal election.) Never before in the history of Canada has a prolife, common sense, conservative party been needed more in our nation. CHP Canada is calling on the support and for the endorsements of all serious prolife and pro-family groups and individuals nationwide. With a united front we can build to become that strong political voice to save the preborn and eventually return Canada to having common sense conservative principles. Keep the momentum building, we await your call…

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