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Is Our Federal Cabinet Trying to Impose a CCP-Style ‘Dictatorship’ in Canada?

Tue, May 18, 2021 | Author: Ron Gray

Are Prime Minister Trudeau, Canadian Heritage Minster Steven Guilbeault, and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland trying to import aspects of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) dictatorship into Canada? Recall Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 2012 statement that: “There’s a level admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime . . .”

Should we all admire a tyranny because it can implement more changes, more quickly, by force, than a democracy?

Why is the so-called ‘opposition’ in the House of Commons (with the exception of MPs Michael Barrett, Rachael Harder and Pierre Poilievre) so mute? Why did the Prime Minister say at a meeting that went largely unreported in Canada that the Covid-19 pandemic “provides an opportunity for a Reset?”

The idea of the Great Reset is that “You will own nothing and be happy,” says the World Economic Forum in its promotional video . . . and the government will have total control through schemes like Universal Basic Income, digital currencies, and the health passport…because if you don’t do as you are told by the government, you will not get your benefits/money/rights . . . .

Canada needs a reset, all right: a restoration of the Judaeo-Christian moral foundation of our laws and lawmakers, and a renewal of the understanding that our Constitution’s primary function is to protect our God-given rights and freedoms from unwarranted incursions by government—NOT TO DECIDE WHAT PRIVILEGES THE GOVERNMENT WILL ‘PERMIT’ US TO HAVE.

Consider what hasn’t been in the news lately . . .

The CCP’s ‘Social Credit’ system, which targets control of opinion, thought, and individual action, operates with impunity in China, but the Liberal administration is doing some eerily similar things in Canada: the CBC continues to shape public opinion with its never-ending tax-funded budget; political correctness continues to make citizens think twice about what they should, and can say, and internet censorship could be on it’s way (more on that later).

In Section 189 of Canada’s National Security and Intelligence Committee’s 2019 Annual Report, Liberal MP David McGuinty, reports:

March 12, 2020—“The committee believes there is ample evidence *** that Canada is the target of significant and sustained foreign interference activities. *** The PRC [People’s Republic of China], the Russian Federation, *** other states ***.

“The Committee believes these states target Canada for a variety of reasons; but all seek to exploit the openness of our society and penetrate our fundamental institutions to meet their objectives.

“They target ethno-cultural communities, seek to corrupt the political process, manipulate the media and attempt to curate debate on post-secondary campuses.

“Each of these activities poses significant risk to the rights and freedoms of Canadians and to the country’s sovereignty. They are a clear threat to the security of Canada.” That is a significant acknowledgement from an MP who is part of the government.

On the other hand, the government is also working on Bill C-10; Maclean’s Magazine interprets it this way:

Liberal Heritage Minister Stephen Guilbeault “. . . has promised that his legislation will target content and Internet sites and services anywhere in the world, provided [they are] accessible to Canadians. The obvious implication is that the government plans to introduce mandated content-blocking to keep such content out of Canada as a so-called last resort.

“This suggests requiring Internet providers to install blocking capabilities, creating content adjudicators to issue blocking orders, dispensing with net neutrality, and building a Canadian Internet wall.”

Similar, perhaps to Communist China’s “Great Firewall?”

Action4Canada, a coalition of disquieted citizens across the nation, added this comment on Bill C-10 (and also a list of disturbing actions of the CCP): “The Liberals also tried to sneak in an extra section that would silence individuals’ private posts and videos. Thankfully, this quickly received massive push back and so they withdrew it, but the fact they tried to do this after shutting down the review committee speaks volumes.”

Our country ought not to be run like a dictatorship. MPs of all stripes should be speaking up against the increasing power and control of the Prime Minister and his cabinet. We, as citizens, should do likewise; the insistent voices of voters can give courage to cowardly MPs.

Pray for Canada . . . and pray for the few politicians—and CHP, the only political party—that are working to defend Canadians’ God-given rights.

Join CHP Canada today and defend our democracy.

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