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Tue, December 17, 2013 | Author: Jim Hnatiuk

Now—more than any other time in Canadian history—we need a political party that is all about Canadians, all about families, and all about our great Canadian heritage.

If I could believe that any of the parties currently represented in the House of Commons has the intention to protect our families and heritage, there wouldn’t be a reason for me to be involved in building one that does.

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada is building for that cause, and for that cause alone. As the sixth largest of eighteen registered national federal political parties, CHP Canada has every intention of becoming the governing party of Canada. That is our focus, that is our aim—and we mean to achieve it. We cannot afford not to, for the sake of all Canadians.

Building a successful political party doesn’t happen overnight; and, with only twenty-six years since its inception, CHP Canada is relatively young—young, but awaiting expectantly the major transitions that will propel us to new levels of growth, organization, popularity, and influence. Such transitions do not, and cannot, happen in a vacuum and/or with their leadership becoming content with the status quo. On the contrary—and regardless of how well thought out the plan—new levels of growth require many people suffering through the awful, painstaking, process called “change.” But happily, many, on the other hand, will wholeheartedly embrace change.

I’m very excited these days, because the Christian Heritage Party is in the throes of such a transition. It’s a very necessary work in progress: a plan carefully crafted and designed to achieve a foundational structure for a party that means to govern. Yes, and a party that will remain all about Canadians, all about families, and all about our great Canadian Christian heritage.

As the Christian Heritage Party moves forward towards our 2014 triennial convention and the 2015 federal election, we do so with expectancy, heightened involvement, and excitement.

As our nation continually regresses, Canadians should be increasingly concerned that we are seeing our freedoms and equalities diminishing. Those of us involved in building CHP Canada recognize this time as an opportunity like no other.

Will Canada ever have another opportunity such as this?

We promise to do our part; will you do your part? Join CHP Canada today and leave your mark on the political landscape of our great nation.

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