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Gender Selection Hypocrisy

Tue, November 05, 2013 | Author: Jim Hnatiuk

Open season for deer hunting occurs in the fall of the year in most, if not all, provinces across Canada. In areas of plenty, both ‘bucks’ (males) and ‘does’ (females) can legally be killed at any age or stage of development. Would Prime Minister Harper appear to be some kind of champion if he said that even though females can be legally killed that hunters shouldn’t go out of their way to target them?

Then again, during the holocaust all Jews, men, women and children, were being put to death simply because they were Jews. Would Hitler have appeared to be some kind of humanitarian or hero because he commented on the fact that, even though he agreed they all die, they shouldn’t target females?

Both scenarios above are, of course, totally absurd.

Equally absurd is the apparent hero-worship being devoted to the Prime Minister by some prolife lobbyists following his muted response to their conspicuous presence at the recent Conservative convention in Calgary. The National Post put it this way:

“Despite potentially opening up a divisive abortion debate, the delegates supported a motion that “condemns discrimination against girls through gender selection,” as anti-”gendercide” protesters circulated outside waving neon pink placards.

“Our prime minister, Stephen Harper, said that in this world you have to have values,” Rosey Rosenke, executive director of Alberta Pro-Life, told the Calgary Herald. “We want to stand up for baby girls that are being terminated.”

Prime Minister Harper (and his delegates are fully aware that it is open season on any preborn child (male or female) at any stage of development. As did Hitler in Nazi Germany, Harper (supported by all the other parties in parliament) has insisted that there be NO law against this killing.  So how in the world can he possibly stand up like some kind of hero leading the Conservatives in condemning the practice of baby girls being targeted during the killing? He’s already agreed that they can all die!

This truly is stupidity and hypocrisy gone wild and some people are actually buying it. Incredible.

Prolife Canadians who want to unequivocally advance the cause of life should show their convictions by supporting the Christian Heritage Party of Canada, Canada's only principled federal prolife party, and helping us grow.

CHP Canada recognizes that human life (a new ‘Person’) starts at the time of conception and therefore a mother’s womb must be guarded and made to be the safest place to live in Canada. There is never a reason for an abortion for any child. When a mother’s life is in danger, the doctor should do everything to save both the life of the mother and the life of the unborn child. Additionally, when a woman is faced with an unanticipated pregnancy, we should surround her with care, protection, comfort, counsel and the information she needs to make a decision she will not regret later. Every baby is a wanted baby, though not necessarily wanted by the biological parents.

Frustrated lobbyists are using whatever means they have to raise awareness of the horrors of abortion but in truth both genders require equal protection as all human life is precious. Rather than celebrating a calculated political response to growing pressure from the prolife lobby, we should expect a principled majority government to stop the genocide, period! That's what a CHP government would do and we need your help to make that goal a reality. Join CHP Canada today and put real pressure on politicians to institute policies to protect the innocent!

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