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Following Our New Leader

Tue, November 11, 2014 | Author: Vicki Gunn

Our new leader, Rod Taylor, really doesn't need an introduction to our members; he has served the Christian Heritage Party on so many levels. Few members haven’t "met" him personally or through the telephone. You can read our news release on our website.
From Rod’s first Deputy Leader’s Tour in 2010 to his last tour as Development Director with Past Leader David Reimer, Rod has been a valuable team player. His focus has always been for the growth and benefit of CHP Canada.
Rod "tag-teamed" with Past Leader Jim Hnatiuk by alternating annual leader/deputy leader's tours of Western and Central Canada.
Although British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan have seen the most of him, due to Rod’s role as Western Region Development Director, his desire to see growth in the CHP has ensured that he is well known in Ontario also. Any visit to Ontario, for any reason became a well-used opportunity to participate in events in the province and meet with members or potential members.
Eastern Canada has "met" Rod largely through telephone contact but Rod personally participated on past leader Jim Hantiuk’s 2009 by-election team in Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley.
As we look forward to this year of preparation for the 2015 federal election, Rod is already maximizing on his opportunities to build the Party’s reputation. Rod arrived in Ottawa yesterday on his "vacation."  Vacations for Rod have always had a secondary goal of building the CHP.
As we turn our attention from convention toward election, it’s time for all members to focus on building the Christian Heritage Party. We have one year to present ourselves to the electorate as a credible party, worthy of their votes. We have a few months to seek candidates for our electoral districts across the country and to have them begin introducing themselves to voters in their districts.
Maybe it’s time for you to consider allowing your name to stand for public service. If it’s not you, then who will serve in your electoral district? Finding a candidate is a local initiative. Whom would you consider as a potential candidate? If you don’t already have a candidate you’d be proud to work alongside of, then finding that person is a priority!
Candidates need training. So, while your candidate is training, what will you be doing to help with the campaign? Will you knock on doors to present brochures introducing people to the CHP? Will you make phone calls to introduce your CHP candidate to the voters? Develop party membership? Learn how to be an Official Agent?
Are you already an experienced candidate? Will you work with your provincial council to provide training opportunities for campaign workers? Are you a social media guru? Will you provide training opportunities to help the rest of us use this new tool?
There is much to consider as we focus toward October 2015. National Office has material that will help as your electoral district prepares for 2015 but every member must be ready to do his or her part to ensure that we are well represented. Let’s get behind our new leader and show him that he has a strong, committed team ready to push the CHP forward.
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Your role in Canadian politics is essential for restoring to Canada the heritage that made her one of the most desirable places in the world to live. Protect our heritage; as we approach the 2015 election campaign, help us make Canadians aware of CHP's Better Solutions. Make your commitment to CHP Canada today!

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