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    See what's happening in the CHP. Are there events in your neighborhood?

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    About CHP Canada

    Want to know more about the Christian Heritage Party of Canada? Why a specifically Christian Political Party? Is CHP trying to impose Christianity on all Canadians? What is CHP in a nutshell? Find out the answers to these and more questions in this section.

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    Why CHP Canada?

    Many people misunderstand the philosophy behind an explicitly Christian political party. They mistakenly assume that we want to mis-use the power of the legislature to compel others to accept our beliefs. That's not true at all. As Christian politicians, we want to make ourselves obedient to the authority and discipline of Scripture, to find there 'the wisdom from above' which will better enable us to serve all Canadians — both those who agree with us, and those who don't.

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    CHP’s History

    The first Leader of the CHP and founding member, Ed VanWoudenberg explains how it all began for the Christian Heritage Party of Canada...

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    A few relevant links---worthwhile reads.

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    CHP Canada’s Denominational Protocol

    It is the intention of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada to respect the dignity of all individuals and the varied practices within different Christian denominations while participating within the political arena.

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    Project 25

    Be part of the exciting 25th anniversary of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada! An opportunity you don't want to miss!